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Did Lyme Disease Originate From Plum Island?

Many within the Lyme disease community and thus-known as “conspiracy theorists” happen to be causeing this to be claim for any lengthy time. While no real surprise, the Department of Homeland Security has positively denied it. On their own site “About Plum Island Animal Disease Center” (PIADC), they condition “the PIADC doesn’t and it has not performed research on Lyme disease.”

What’s Plum Island Animal Disease Center?

Based on their site, “The Plum Island Animal Disease Center is really a Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) facility designed and built to utilize probably the most harmful animal illnesses on the planet, for example feet-and-mouth disease (FMD), Rinderpest, and African swine fever. Actually, by federal law, Plum Island may be the only devote the U.S. where FMD and Rinderpestviruses could be studied.”

Located about from the tip of Lengthy Island, New You are able to, it had been opened up in 1954 throughout the Cold War having a “goal” of protecting animals from animal illnesses.

Some express it was opened up under “Project Paperclip”. It was a high-secret government program to recruit Nazi scientists who have been focusing on animal illnesses during World war 2. It’s been suspected which more than 2000 scientists were introduced here and offered employment contracts and US citizenship. One sector of expert knowledge they’d was experiments with disease-infected ticks.

It’s suspected that Dr. Erich Traub, a health care provider once responsible for the 3rd Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare enter in The Second World War, was associated with biological warfare research at Plum Island.

In the Belarus Secret it states…”Much more disturbing would be the records from the Nazi germ warfare scientists who found America. They attempted poison ticks dropped from planes to spread rare illnesses. I’ve received some good info suggesting the U.S. tested a few of these poison ticks around the Plum Island artillery range from the coast of Connecticut noisy . 1950s…”

Plum Island is coincidentally within miles of where Lyme disease “originated”, the epicenter of Lyme, Connecticut.

Individuals who place blame on Plum Island for Lyme disease clearly show infected ticks from Plum Island might have easily been transported towards the landmass through the countless different wild birds that will nest there.

Is Lyme disease considered a biowarfare agent?

After many years of denial this was the situation, a couple of years back the Centers of Disease Control accepted when opening Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building in Texas that facility would be employed to study such illnesses as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, lyme disease, desert valley fever along with other parasitic and yeast illnesses. The Cdc and Prevention identified these illnesses as potential bioterrorism agents.”

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