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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Levels and How Do They Affect You 

Blood Alcohol Concentration or also known as BAC is the calculation that is made to detect the presence of alcohol content in the bloodstream, and also the concentration level. It is calculated in the milligrams per milliliter of blood drawn from the patient. The resulting decimal or percentage will explain the levels of alcohol toxicity in the blood of a person.

The alcohol content calculator is also known as Blood Alcohol Calculator and is used for measuring the alcoholic toxicity in a person’s body. If your dear one takes the test and the toxicity level is quite high, then it is time to get them the required help. Detox To Rehab is the best choice for you. They are a community of detoxification experts and can help your dear one escape from the clutches of alcoholism permanently through spiritual guidance.

BAC Levels and Their Effects

Here are some toxicity percentages according to the BAC calculator, and their effects on the patient. 

·       0.02 BAC

The effects of alcohol in the blood at this level start with the loss of judgmental behavior, resulting in no capacity to understand what is going where on the road while driving.

·       0.05 BAC

The effects of this concentration start with you losing control over your muscles slowly. You cannot stay alert, focus while driving or doing something else, and end up steering poorly while driving.

·       0.08 BAC

This level will make it impossible for muscle and body coordination or any other such controlling acts. Your mind will become numb to self-control, reasoning, judging capacity, and end up causing severe damage.

·       0.10 BAC

This level of toxicity will make you lose all your abilities, which will in turn lead to your mind not having the capacity to successfully stop the vehicle when needed.

0.15 BAC is the maximum level of alcohol concentration in a BAC calculator and the people that hit this level will be automatically prescribed for the detoxification process.

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